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I am passionate about birds. 


The greenheron birdsave clinic was a full-service medical clinic for birds and accredited migratory bird hospital in Shenzhen, China 2002-2009. When I moved to China in 2000, I was shocked at the sea birds in the wildlife market and wanted to do something.  A heart surgeon and cat & dog veterinarian surported my efforts to rehabilitate the injuries and illness we found to be common in shore and sea migratory birds. In 2002, I began to raise & release softbill orphans that were displaced by construction projects. 

Bird shots? PO, SQ, & IO. IM may cause tissue dammage

Routine Parasite care

During recovery, birds need special housing, you need to know how to set up a clean room

Species housing requirements and clean rooms

Poop what can it tell you

Early detection/stages of some parasites and illnesses can be visible in fecal matter

December 2013

I recently made major transitions in my life and am ready to resume my work with wildlife.

October 2013

My residence moved into a larger base of opperations.Visit my Contact Us page for directions.

August 2013

my hours of contact have changed. Please send an e-mail to request services..

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